Company Profile

Since our inception at Modern Industrial Area, Umm Al Quwain – UAE in 2014, we started our operation with a mere workforce of 20 employees. However, we have steadily grown and strongly positioned ourselves in the region. AMIC INTERNATIONAL, today, boasts of the strength of 100 employees who are well-qualified and highly trained in their respective areas of expertise. We take pride in providing a turnkey solution to our clients as per their requirements by adhering to ISO 14001:18001 standard. We have served more than 200 companies from across the MENA region, with our world-class products.

We use a modular construction technique that allows A M I C to build ecologically clean and sustainable buildings while saving energy and time. Our company manufactures high standard modular units suitable for multiple-story facilities construction.

The advanced prefabrication enables A M I C to speed up the timetable for construction projects in a way that is not achievable by the on-site building technology.

A M I C can plan, design, and build from scratch or expand existing facilities. Our modern factories use a fast and cost-effective linear production line with a large production capacity.

Our experience involves planning and designing, construction, and equipment supply to different type facilities with particular attention to:

  • High quality service along the order process. Our professional teams will help you finalize the design of your product according to your expectations, manufacture it, arrange packaging and transportation and finally send our supervisors to assemble it and deliver it as ready to use.
  • Low cost. Our commitment is to provide good value for money cost effective and economic solutions. Quality product. All materials used in our buildings and products are chosen from top quality brands.